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How to Manifest Your Dream Life?

How to Manifest Your Dream Life?

Whether you want money, love, happiness, or a bigger house you need to identify what you truly want. Manifestation is the act of bringing one’s goal or vision into reality. The most important step is to think about what this vision of mine will bring once received, from peace, happiness, love, comfortability, and so on. For example, do you want to manifest money to live a stress free and peaceful life? Do you want to manifest great health to bring an abundance of life to your family? Getting in touch with the emotion created once you have received your vision will cause a vibration in the universe making your desire come to life. That is how you manifest your dream life. It is that SIMPLE!

While the universe is working on your desires you need to focus on positive energies. The universe does not focus on words but feeling and emotion. Just as fast as negative emotion comes to mind, is just as fast as positive emotion will be presented. So don’t dwell on the negative feelings but the positive to keep your energy right with the universe. today we focus on “what we do NOT want” but we need to focus on “what we DO want”.

Take a second right now and imagine the feeling of your desire at this moment. This is an important step of the manifestation process because you are setting up a vibration in the universe attracting you and setting up your dream life. 

Have you ever said you don’t want something so you didn’t receive it. Have you ever said you desired something and you received it when the chances were low. This is because “what you sow you shall reap”. Deliberately choosing positive feelings will keep you in alignment with your desires. 

Manifestation is simple but not everyone can manifest because they think more negative than positive which creates a draw from your desires in the universe. Thinking one negative thought can affect your feelings, which creates an emotion, which then creates an energy in the universe, causing your true desires to not align with your thoughts. In order to keep your vibrations aligned with your desires create a vision board, write down affirmations, meditate, set goals, or create a gratitude journal. Spend a few times a day doing these things but don’t become too attached. This creates a chance of negative thoughts and emotions. Let the universe handle its job.