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Best Essential Oils & What They Do

Best Essential Oils & What They Do

Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, pure essential oils obtained from a wide variety of plants which have been steamed distilled or cold-pressed from shrubs, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots to promote psychological and physical well-being (Fontaine, 2011). Aromatherapy stimulates the immune system by acting on the central nervous system, eventually relaxing and uplifting ones emotional state, reducing stress, relieving depression and anxiety, stimulating and even sedating in order to restore both emotional and physical well-being. Additionally, the use of appropriate oils can have powerful effects; aromatherapy can also be effective in easing a wide variety of diseases, soothing aches, pains and injuries and thus relieving the discomfort of numerous health problems.


Lavender: Best for Sleep, Lowering blood pressure, Heart rate, and Skin temperature.

Sage: Best for Memory and Attention.

Peppermint: Best for Mornings and Waking up.

Orange: Best for Decreasing Anxiety and PTSD.

Rosemary: Best for Boosting Energy and Brainpower.

Cinnamon: Best for Boosting Focus and reducing Frustration.

Lemon: Best to Improve mood and Lower Stress.

Eucalyptus: Best for Sniffing and Soothes Headaches.

Bergamot: Best to achieve Maximum Chill.

Lemongrass: Best to Curb Worry and keep Insects Away.

Ylang Ylang: Best for Inflammation.

Sandalwood: Best to life mood and improve focus.

Chamomile: Best for sleep and calming nerves.

Jasmine: Best for Boosting Mood

Grapefruit: Best for Balancing Your Mood